SANTITOS SALSA Santitos Salsa is not your ordinary grocery store salsa. You can create your own recipes by adding Santitos Salsa to your favorite foods or simply try out one of our recipes. Santitos Salsa unique flavor comes from our Spanish, Mestizo and Native...

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  Welcome to Phil's Gourmet Sauces where southwest flavors meet BBQ sauce. I created a unique but traditional line of Barbeque sauces that will enhance your grilling experience. Sauces that still have that traditional barbeque flavor but have some unique flavors. My...

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Got Something That Would Make These Wraps Better?

If you don't have your entries in seeking fame and fortune NOW is the time... Go to the Fiery Food Challenge webpage for info and entry instructions. The Fiery Food Challenge is a competition that invites hot, "really hot", but most important "really delicious" spicy...

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Fast eatin’ Atomic and more HOT stuff

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] WingStop is back to host the ZestFest Edition of their infamous Atomic Wing Challenge - enter now to reserve your spot! VISIT US ON FACEBOOK DOWNLOAD and fill out the Entry Waiver - then send it in to reserve your spot in this HOT...

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Operation BBQ Relief & Hotel Announced for ZestFest 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As storm hit areas of the country continue to recover, consider a contribution to Operation BBQ  Relief or visit  if you want a good way to help people re-build.   We are sending big thanks out to one of our...

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Klowns on Fire as Bonnell gets in some storm care…

Football season has begun and baseball is almost done.  The weekend before the Super Bowl we will all be meeting in Los Colinas for three days of spicy delicious fun!   HOT news - Lewis Label Products returns as ZestFest sponsor, Klowns are on FIRE and Chef Jon...

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Spicy Food Productions sending out good wishes to all!

With another major storm event underway in the U.S. visit  if you want a good way to help people re-build.    With Labor Day Weekend behind us we are well on our way to ZestFest 2018! We posted a video of Brian McLarty on the ZestFest 2017...

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Cooking demos by celebrity chefs, live music, interactive contests and thousands of bold food samples will make January 23-25,2015 the zestiest weekend of the year!


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