It’s not too late to get ZestFest tickets to go under your Christmas tree and you could still make the last day of Chanukah!  You could not find a more tasty gift to give!


What’s HOT, Delicious, Fun and only a little over a month away?

We’ll see you at ZestFest!

Smokin’ Ed Cultivates a Company and a Pepper

Pucker Butt Pepper Eatin' Champ 2017
Pucker Butt Pepper Eatin’ Champ 2017


The world famous Pucker Butt Peppers will again be hosting the ZestFest – here’s a taste of last year’s over heated contestants trying to be the fastest in gobbling down Ed’s peppers… 

Smokin’ Ed’s Passion for Peppers Continues

Breeding experiments such as creating new pepper plant cultivars, some of which are producing the hottest peppers in the world are on-going.  Smokin’ Ed’s  pepper seed collection continues to grow. Humility is always on hand.

Growing tips, tricks and tales that all can share and make jokes about are always developing. If you have any pepper questions, feel free to  contact us and our pepper gurus will help in any way we can. Humor is necessary in farming.

Savoring flavors of peppers & pepper recipes, and then enjoying the ensuing heat and its various effects on people is a daily event.  If you hear Smokin’ Ed say “it’s not that hot,” you may want to taste just a tiny portion.  If he says, “would you like some lime” or “blink twice if you can hear us,” it’s too late.  Stop by our Fort Mill, SC store and join us for a sample of our smokin’ hot offerings. Smokin’ Ed drops in frequently and is always willing to talk peppers.  We love to video the savoring and the hilarity and then post on our website for all the world to see. We love to see your experiences, so post your hot pepper hilarity to our  Facebook page. Heat is so entertaining.

Sharing the cornucopia of super hot peppers with family, friends, communities, colleagues and the world is exactly how PuckerButt Pepper Company began.  Smokin’ Ed loves to share peppers, products, his experiences and his ideas with others.

We doubt you will find anything more mouthwatering at ZestFest…



Rumtastic is a provider of gourmet rum cakes. The original recipe was an “old family favorite.” We wanted to bring a lot of excitement and indulgence to that recipe. Approximately a year later, after extensive sampling, we came up with a recipe that is sure to delight and pleasure any palate. We focus on using quality ingredients to provide “the perfect gourmet rum cakes.” We have varied sizes, including “made to orders.” We are located in Atlanta, GA. We ship all over the United States. “What ever your budget, we have a cake for it. Wherever you are we will get it to you.” We look forward to being your preferred provider of quality service and products.






Creature Comfort Hot Sauce


Creature Comfort Hot Sauce was developed by husband and wife Joe and Andrea Hoelzel. Both have a passion for cooking and using spice to enhance dishes. We started out wanting to develop hot sauces that had flavor as well as heat.  By experimenting we began to find the flavors and levels of heat we were looking for and that makes our sauces stand out. Our 5 sauces compliment food without covering it with heat. All sauces are handcrafted i small batches, using local and organic ingredients.


When it came to naming our sauces, we wanted to avoid clichés and do

something more personal and fun. Most of the names were developed with a nod toward Joe’s passion for vintage horror films. We hope some of our customers recognize these references right away, and others will have fun trying to figure them out!We originally crafted homemade labels for our bottles, but have more recently introduced some new designs created by our friend Rachel Horntvedt, who incorporated some cheeky humor with her “biohazard” concept. If you look closely, you can also see the three C’s she included to highlight our other business – Creature Comfort Catering



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