Santitos Salsa is not your ordinary grocery store salsa. You can create your own recipes by adding Santitos Salsa to your favorite foods or simply try out one of our recipes. Santitos Salsa unique flavor comes from our Spanish, Mestizo and Native American ancestors. A very unique blend of peppers and spices that creates the taste that only San Antonio, TX is known for, a homemade taste. Santitos Salsa is a proud supporter of the American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions, a World Heritage Site. Tomok.

Here’s a zesty recipe for you… GUAJILLO HABANERO TAMALE SOUP

Santitos Salsa signature Guajillo Habanero Tamale Soup. To make our Tamale soup you will need about 6 tamales, 12oz bottle of Santitos Salsa Guajillo Habanero, 8 oz of water and Monterrey jack cheese or your favorite white cheese.

First cut the tamales into quarters, then place in a pot and stir in Guajillo Habanero “Sofrito” and 8oz of water. On medium heat bring to a boil and stir occasionally until tamales begin to get soft. Turn off the heat and add white cheese. Top with cilantro and onions.

“Sofrito” is a Spanish word that means sauce used as a base in many Latin dishes. Santitos Guajillo Salsa can substitute for any tomato sauce based recipe to give your meal a homemade taste. Try it as a spaghetti sauce, Chilaquiles, arroz con pollo, fideo, pasta dish and meatball subs. Try it with carnitas and fresh onions.