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If you love to explore new flavors and discover new sauces, if you are a true SauceHead, then you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in bringing hard-to-find, award winning artisanal sauces to your table.
Here you will find some truly amazing sauces from all over the USA and even some international selections. We search far and wide to find regional favorites and award winning gourmet sauces that are guaranteed to jazz up your parties and nightly meals.
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Delicious Ideas from West Texas Pepper Traders. Inc.
Our idea of a Bread and Butter Jalapeno was started in the summer of 1995 when Scott Bridges and I got our heads together and started experimenting in the kitchen. Both of us being die hard “Chili Heads,” we were looking for different ways to prepare jalapeno peppers because Scott had planted several hundred pepper plants in his home garden and had a “bumper” crop; therefore, we needed ideas on what to do with these peppers. Since Scott and I both liked Bread and Butter Pickles and loved jalapenos, it seemed like a natural mix.
Today our production calls for over 4 tons of fresh jalapeno peppers per month and our Original Bread ‘N’ Butter Jalapeno can be found in over 1000 grocery stores, gourmet and specialty shops, and restaurants all over the country. We strive to maintain a reputation of taste, freshness, and quality in every product we make using only premium ingredients that are precisely measured and blended to insure the best product possible.

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