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What is a Sauce Goddess?

Not everyone is familiar with gastronomy deities, so many posers abound. If we were so inclined to add it to the Urban Dictionary

for the general public’s edification the definition would read something like: Female deity adored for her tantalizingly piquant seasonings. You wouldn’t know it by enjoying our products, but Sauce Goddess is a small female owned company that turned a passion for cooking into a successful business.  The woman behind the Goddess curtain is a lover of food, spice and bringing people together.  Jennifer Reynolds started the business with two sauces in 2000 out of her kitchen and has grown it into the national gourmet food company it is today.

2018 Fiery Food Challenge

January 22-24, 2018   Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Spicy Food Productions is pleased to welcome back “CaJohn” Hard as the “Senior Product Consultant” in the Fiery Food Challenge for it seems like forever but definitely more than three years!  CaJohn just gets it right – he is our Grand Master of Fiery Foods!
CaJohn’s product knowledge guarantees the highest level of excellence. CaJohn and the ZestFest team insures all products entered in the Challenge have been placed in the correct category and follow the guidelines of the competition’s rules. CaJohn has won over 400 awards in National, International and Regional competitions; 79 Golden Chiles and over 100 other Fiery Food Challenge. In 2012 he was awarded the Best Overall trophy. We are excited to have him on the Spicy Food Productions team, and look forward to our best FFC ever.
Have a question for CaJohn about your product? Email him at cajohn@cajohns.com. The Fiery Food Challenge kicks off ZestFest 2018 and is the longest running, most prestigious competition of zesty products in the industry.
Produced by Spicy Food Productions and presided over by independent VIP judges, the Fiery Food Challenge runs Tuesday through Thursday, with an Awards Dinner on Friday night.


Yellow bird Sauce 2018

It all started with a seed – a seed of thought asking “what if we went back to the basics, back to our true source of nourishment, back to nature? What if we refused all the junk that we’ve gotten far too used to seeing in our foods and what if, by doing that, we accidentally happened to create the most delicious sauce in the world?”
Imagine… fields of ripe, orange habanero peppers untouched by anything but the wind and the small, but mighty Yellowbird. A beat up ’67 Chevy truck filled with freshly picked carrots, onions, and garlic kicks up a cloud of dust as it heads away from the farm and down to the cookhouse. The nearby citrus trees are giving off the sweetest odors and their fruits are begging to be plucked from the branches that bore them.
Not far from the farm, about a mile down the road, is the kitchen where all the magic happens. You walk in and you’re met with the most intensely rich, aromatic flavors that manage to fill every corner of the room. It’s the savory scent of spicy fruits and vegetables simmering over an open flame for hours until their flavors become one cohesive character of sweet and savory heat.
And it all started with a seed…