Casa M Spice Show CarHappy New Year from MC500 (your friends with the “spice car” whom you met last year at Zest Fest).  It’s hard to believe it’s that time again! Brian and I wanted to touch base with you, because we will again be bringing the Casa M Spice replica race car to Zest Fest and we wanted to give you a heads up and enlist your help like last year in giving the car a prime spot outside the convention center. We’d also like to place the 2020 Zest Fest logo on the hood and rear bumper of the car like we did last year.

The Objective:
A rising star on the spice scene, Texas-based Casa M Spice Co has been
featured on The Food Network and Modern Living with Kathy Ireland,
drawing national attention for its award-winning seasonings. But when it
needed a jump start to drive regional sales and brand awareness at an
important industry convention, the company turned to MC500 for help.
The Strategy:
With MC500’s impossible-to-miss media car parked front and center
outside the main convention center doors, we couldn’t help but capture
everyone’s attention. Then, using the car as the catalyst, our street team
drew them in, got to know each attendee, captured their information,
photographed them with the car, conducted on-the-street interviews, and
put Casa M Spice’s coupons directly into their hands, driving them
immediately to the company’s booth in the convention hall.

Last year we helped deliver record-breaking sales for Casa M Spice’s booth and we’d love to help you get record attendance!

“Feli” introduced Mike and Manny to one of the cornerstone ingredients of Casa M Spice Co™ – the Chile Seco. This small and potent Mexican chile gives the spices of Casa M Spice Co™ their lingering heat and incredible flavor. Casa M Spice Co™ uses only the best Chile Seco, always sourced directly from local farmers in Mexico.

It’s Mike’s scientific spirit of experimentation and over twenty years of testing and refinement at 4th of July barbecues, birthday potlucks, and holiday dinners that led to Chain Reaction™ and every blend that came from it.

With the founding of Casa M Spice Co™, Manny and Mike have brought together a wonderful team to back them up in this endeavor. We’re a tight-knit squad of customer service professionals and passionate foodies who are committed to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Manny and Mike are excited to finally make the flavors they’ve enjoyed with their friends and family all this time available for you to share at your table with your friends and family, because great flavor makes great food, and great food makes great memories.

Looking forward to experiencing the ZEST with Casa M Spice and their hot car at ZestFest 2020!