ZestFest 2020

Chef Demonstration Schedule

Friday, January 24

2:00 PM  
3:00 PM Dana Cranfill
4:00 PM Chris Perez
5:00 PM Eddie Deen
6:00 PM  

Saturday, January 25

11:00 AM Casa M Spice Ilie Spilca
12:00 PM Mrs Renfro Bria Downey
1:00  PM Wingstop Atomic Wing Eating Contest
2:00  PM Jon Bonell
3:00  PM Monti Carlo
4:00  PM Shaun O’Neale
   5:00  PM ? Eddie Deen
   6:00  PM ? Pork and Rib Roast Dinner
   7:00  PM ? Pork and Rib Roast
   8:00  PM ? Pork and Rib Roast

Sunday, January 26

10:00 AM Peoples Preference Awards
11:00 AM Shaun O’Neale
12:00 Noon Jon Bonell
1:00 PM Pucker Butt Jalapeno Eating Contest
2:00 PM Monti Carlo
3:00 PM Chris Perez
4:00 PM Eddie Deen


Spicy Food Productions appreciates your participation in this event and welcomes you to the Chef’s Stage. Please be advised that all performances must be 30 -45 minutes including the sampling portion. Please advise us in advance of any requirements you might have in advance (food processors, blenders, mixers, staff, etc). Please supply us in advance with bio and any announcements you want Scott Hudson (our stage announcer) to pitch for you. Thanks and enjoy. Contact numbers are

Greg Bagarozy (845) 661 3616, Dana Cranfill  817 903 4244